Studio Critic : Kersten Geers & Andrea Zanderigo
Spring  2018
Individual Project

The studio aims to investigate Club life in America while simultaneously deepening its research into architecture without content. It aims at examining the declining nature of this typology in our society and its reasons.  An in depth analysis into some of the clubs in New York and Vienna sheds light on the fact that the average age of a club member is 60. My project is aimed at creating a science fiction club which presents a common ground for science fiction geeks of all age groups to come together and engage in activities of common interests. This club typology would also aid in increasing the number of younger members of the group. The site is the location of the former Faigen Gallery by Hans Hollein in the upper east side of Manhattan.  This club consists of spaces that aspire to create a quality of endlessness by use of false perspectives, repetitious elements, mirror images, symmetry and creation of homogeneous environments that cheat human dimension making the user lose sense of time and place inside the building.