Studio Critic : Dan Wood
Summer 2017
Individual Project


The project was aimed at creating a new typology of public building set in the future. We began by examining the process of what a future library would comprise off. A Library has always been a place of knowledge. How would it continue to serve its function of imparting knowledge in this age of technology? All the information you need would be available at the ease of your fingertips in the comfort of your homes. There would be ways to recreate experiences using augmented reality and we wouldn’t have to travel halfway across the world to be somewhere. As a result, what would be completely lacking in the future is the need for human interaction. This library is designed to be a place which continues to impart knowledge to the public but by means of personal interactions. New Programs for the library are designed to support this new medium of exchange. Maker spaces, Art Rooms etc. are designed to encourage people to create objects along with other people. The central open space forms a crucial part of the building serving as a platform where all the programs connect with each other. These connections are programmed to be informal spaces of interaction where two programs could merge into one another to create unexpected encounters, inviting people to explore the rest of the building.